Saturday, January 23, 2010

Diabetic Dogs: Don't Be Afraid to Care for Them

Diabetes is not uncommon in our furry friends as they age. Whether related to diet, genetics or just fate, it is not a death sentence for your pet and is relatively easy to treat.

After initial diagnosis your vet will likely want to do a glucose curve--keeping your pet for a minimum of 5 hours and checking its blood sugar periodically to determine the initial levels of insulin required and is repeated from time to time as needed when activity levels or diet change.

Generally, depending on the type of insulin used, it will need to be administered every 12 hours. This may seem daunting to a busy family, but just think: You're generally home at, say, 6am and 6pm, right? And a shot takes only a moment to administer.

I remember practicing on an orange before giving my dog his very first shot: I was so afraid it would hurt him, but I gave him the shot by pinching the skin between his shoulder blades while he was eating and he didn't even notice. (You know how pugs are with their food!)

So, as you can see, it really doesn't require so much to deal with your dog's diabetes. Your loving companion and friend has been there every time you needed him--would you abandon him in his time of need (and especially for something so simple to treat)?

Note: I am NOT a vet, but I did care for a diabetic dog.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lost Puggle, Please Help

Wednesday has been missing from her Rochester, NH home since January 11, 2010 at about 5am. She is a one year old spayed female puggle (pug-beagle mix) She has been in our family since she was a puppy and is loved and missed by everyone! She wasn't wearing her collar and I'm afraid someone thinks she may be a stray and want to give her a good home. Please, let her come home! I am offering a questions asked. If you have any information about Wednesday, please call me at 603-335-4282. This can be totally anonymous if you prefer. I just want my baby back!

Wednesday has been a wonderful dog. I can't imagine my life without her. She is a part of my every day, from the time we wake up and hug each other hello to the time we go to bed, with Wednesday snuggled under the covers. Not a minute goes by that I am not thinking of her, and praying she is alright, and hoping she comes home.

I am praying for many more years with Wednesday! Please, if you have seen Wednesday or know where she is call me or email me. H-603-335-4282 C-603-285-1669 email

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help PRoNE Pugs with Especially for Pets in Canton, MA

Especially for Pets and the Adoption Initiative Choose Pug Rescue of New England!

Especially for Pets teams up with local non-profits and rescue organizations to promote pets available for adoption as well as to raise awareness about the work being done in the rescue community. It is their ultimate goal to educate customers about what the specific organizations do, collect donations for their use and, ultimately to help the organizations to place homeless animals in permanent, loving homes.

From January through June 2010 the Especially for Pets store in Canton will be partnering with Pug Rescue of New England. You can visit the shop to check out the Adoption Board to see photos of the pugs available for adoption and/or pick up a copy of our ‘Wish List’. We'll also be holding adoption info days at the Canton ship, we'll post the dates as soon as they're finalized. The Canton store is located at 95 Washington Street (in the Village Shoppes) and the Especially for Pets website address is