Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sometimes Pups Surprise You

I'm still getting to know my sweet little foster Sunny who suffered a severe head injury a few years ago that left him the doggy equivalent of an autistic child. Best known for his ear-piercing shrieks when he wants his meals (NOW!), is confused or is just out of sorts (as in when we sit too long for a red light on the way to the park), this little cutie actually surprised me today.

Scheduled for an 8:15 vet appointment, I was dreading taking the little guy in because I knew it would disrupt his schedule (Sunny LIVES by his schedule) of slowly waking up (come love on me 4 times please), eating his breakfast and going potty (yes, in that order). The entire process usually begins around 9 for him and takes about an hour. Even something as simple as potty requires copious circling (he has OCD of sorts) and no interruptions so it can take a bit of time.

Needless to say that since we had to leave at 7 to get there on time, I decided to skip all of the "foreplay" and just scooped up the little sleepyhead and popped him into the car. Miracle of miracles, he actually slept all the way to the vet except for the last two blocks where he realized THE SCHEDULE had been violated and shrieked like a little banshee until we got out of the car. (I get some very interesting looks from people who pass by when he screams.) And then he was as good as gold in the vet's office--I'm sure the cookie bribes helped a lot. Yay Sunny!

New Look for the PRoNE Site

After much hemming and hawing (whatever those actually are) the new PRoNE website got 5 paws up from the pug brigade and launched officially at midnight. We hope that the redesign will make it easier to find out about the wonderful work PRoNE does, as well as help you find what you're looking for. Happy browsing!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pugs & Rainy Days....

No pics today because you all know what your pugs do when it rains (read: sleep). :)

Somehow, a pug that is unwilling to go outside in the yard for 60 seconds to pee is perfectly willing to spend an hour in the park while it's pouring just because it's a different venue. Live and Learn.