Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can’t Keep a Good Pug Down – Bogart is beating the odds

Like Alabama’s chart topping hit “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down”, Bogart the pug is beating the odds and soaring to the top of our hearts. This little 4 year old pug has faced challenges and pain no living creature should have to endure.

When PRoNE initially got the call about Bogart we were unprepared for what we would find. Bogart had a horrific eye injury called a “corneal melt” and a broken hip. Both of these conditions would require surgery and despite the thousands of dollars of expenses PRoNE would incur to save Bogart, we just knew this little guy was going to be a survivor. And despite the incredible pain he was in, Bogart was as sweet as could be, seeking love and comfort from volunteers, vet techs and anyone he met.

Unfortunately, PRoNE’s ophthalmologist advised us that Bogart’s eye could not be saved due to the advanced stage of the corneal melt. Sadly, had he been brought to us just 24 hours earlier, his eye might have been saved. Now our only choice was to have Bogart’s eye removed. While under anesthesia our ophthalmologist took a look at Bogart’s other eye and discovered a small tumor under the eyelid. She removed it and because it looked suspicious, she sent it to the lab for analysis. We are awaiting the results and hoping it was a benign tumor.

Bogart’s hip fracture was severe and complicated. It required that surgeons insert a metal plate to support his hip. Bogart will be on “bed rest” for a minimum of ten weeks and after his sutures are removed he will need physical therapy 3-4 times daily in his foster home.

A few days post surgery, Bogart is now resting comfortably – he is on several pain medications and antibiotics to prevent infection at the suture sites. We are hoping for a full recovery. The good news is that Bogart’s spirit remains strong. He is a brave and affectionate pug but he needs constant reassurance that he is ok and that he is loved.

Bogart’s veterinary expenses have topped $4,000 and there will be additional expenses during his recovery period. Won’t you please help us with Bogart’s care? We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

Please stay tuned for updates on Bogart as he begins his road to recovery. You can’t keep a good pug down…

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